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We’ve had the good fortune to have Eric A. Hansen provide us with his stellar services for the past several years. He has prepared and filed our taxes and in doing so has provided us with information and ways to be more efficient in order to save in areas that we were previously unaware of.  He has been available many times over the years to answer financial questions regarding current and future plans and laid out his responses in clear, concise language. We feel very good knowing we are getting the best and most accurate information in a timely manner every time.  We trust Eric. A Hansen implicitly and give him our highest recommendation. – The Newbons

I've known Eric Hansen for well over thirty years. We first met when I was the President of a small manufacturing company and he was our outside auditor. Over the years we became business friends. He did both my personal and business tax returns as well as provided advice and counsel on accounting issues and a wide range of other matters including successfully handling IRS audits of my business. After I retired under unfortunate circumstances, both the IRS and Franchise Tax Board pursued me for  taxes due for my last year in business. I simply did not have the funds to pay and over an eight year period the amounts more than tripled.  Eric came to my assistance and worked relentlessly to successfully negotiate offers in compromise with both agencies that resulted in my having to pay only pennies on the dollar. I cannot recommend Eric highly enough. - David W.

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